Las Vegas’s Former Lead DUI Prosecutor (2014-2021)

Thomas Moskal

Criminal Defense Specializing in Vehicular Crimes



Felony DUI death/injury
Felony DUI 3rd offense
Felony DUI w/ prior felony
Misdemeanor DUI

Reckless Driving

Felony reckless driving
Causing death/injury


Felony hit-and-run
Resulting in death/injury

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About Thomas


Thomas Moskal was a Chief Deputy District Attorney for Clark County's Vehicular Crimes Unit for the better part of a decade, and has tried all types of criminal cases, from traffic tickets to 1st Degree Murder. During his last four years at the DA’s office, Thomas Moskal was Las Vegas's lead DUI prosecutor, where he was responsible not only for thousands of misdemeanor DUI prosecutions, but also assigned as the lead prosecutor on many of the most high-profile DUI Death cases in Las Vegas, and was the prosecutor in charge of the Felony DUI Court Program for felony DUI 3rd offenses. He not only taught prosecutors how to prosecute DUIs, but also instructed law enforcement how to properly investigate and put the cases together, making him the foremost expert in DUI law in the state of Nevada. There is no other attorney you should consider if you are charged with DUI, Reckless Driving, or Leaving the Scene of an Accident, especially if it is a felony case involving death or injury. If you are charged with felony DUI 3rd offense, DO NOT enter the Felony DUI Court Program without consulting with Thomas Moskal first. If you are already in the Felony DUI Court Program, and facing sanctions or termination, you need Thomas Moskal to represent you. Every attorney tries to act like they can defend DUI cases, but Thomas Moskal has credentials that you can trust. Go with a specialist, not a criminal defense attorney who takes all crimes, not a public defender. Would you go to a family primary care doctor for a heart surgery?

"As a prosecutor, I was tired of seeing defense attorneys, who had no idea what they were doing, taking money from clients on DUI cases. Every attorney will act like they can defend a DUI case, even a family law or personal injury attorney who has zero criminal law experience. But even with criminal defense attorneys, as prosecutors, we knew there was only one or two of them who even knew how to fight a case."

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